A Nuclear Fusion Breakthrough Would Send Crypto to the Stars


Nuclear is always ten years away, according to the old joke of how difficult is to harness the power of the stars. Crypto as we are all familiar now, has an energy devouring problem. Mining of digital coins is a very energy hungry process. What is we could develop a near infinite supply of engery to mine, what a revolution that woulbe.

We are inching closer to that day according to many scientists and researchers, but to get there sooner than later is gonna take money. Research and innovation isn’t free, however the fruits of this endeavor can be profitable for all involved.

With the announcement of NIF (national ignition facility) that they’ve achieved some progress towards achieving full fusion energy is welcomed news. ITER in Europe is a multinational research endeavor that’s also trying push nuclear fusion over to the finish line.

Bill Nye breaks down NIF’s announcement | courtesy CNN YouTube
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