Bitcoin Historical Return Calculator

Use our Bitcoin historical calculator to find out how much a purchase of the crypto would increase over time (with inflation included).


What is Bitcoin historical return Calculator?

Bitcoin has been the greatest potential wealth creation financial investment ever. Using our calculator you’ll see that if you bought $5 USD dollars worth of Bitcoin on January 1, 2011, on let it grow as of today (February 14, 2023) it would be worth a mind blowing $362,594.40 USD.

That would represent a ROI of 7,251,887.90%!

What is the highest price Bitcoin has ever achieved

Bitcoin’s first highest valuation ever attained was $19,783.31 on December 17, 2017. Then in November 2021, the crypto coin hit a peak value of $65,000 USD. As of writing it is back to a post 2017 high of $22,000 USD.

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