Best Ways to Find Affordable Taylor Swift Concert Tickets

The internet has made everything that slow, faster - especially ticket buying.

Taylor Swift On her 1989 World Tour
Taylor Swift On her 1989 World Tour

The hardest thing to find than a lost crypto wallet key maybe Taylor Swift tickets. The very micro-second a city tour date is announced they’ve already been sold-out.

You aren’t just competing with local Swifties, but people from Asia, Europe, etc.

Best ways to buy Taylor Swift tickets (even cheaply)

Attending a Taylor Swift concert can be an unforgettable experience, but getting tickets at a reasonable price can be challenging. Here’s a listicle with some of the best strategies to find and buy affordable tickets to a Taylor Swift concert:

1. Join the Official Fan Club

Taylor Swift’s official fan club often provides members with pre-sale ticket access. Being a member can help you buy tickets before they are available to the general public, potentially at lower prices.

2. Sign Up for Pre-Sale Codes

Credit card companies and music streaming services sometimes offer pre-sale codes to their users. Sign up for alerts from services like Spotify or credit card companies like American Express to get early access to tickets.

3. Use Multiple Devices (ok this cheating 😊)

During the general sale, use multiple devices to log into the ticketing site. This increases your chances of getting through the virtual queue quickly and snagging tickets before they sell out.

4. Set Up Alerts

Many ticketing websites allow you to set up alerts for specific artists (Taylor Swift). By setting up these alerts, you’ll be immediately notified when tickets go on sale, giving you a better shot at buying them at their initial, lower price.

5. Check Secondary Marketplaces Carefully

Websites like StubHub, SeatGeek, and Vivid Seats (Eras Tour) can sometimes offer tickets at reasonable prices, especially as the event date approaches. Sellers often lower prices to ensure they don’t lose out entirely. Always compare prices and check for authenticity guarantees.

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6. Look for Last-Minute Drops

Sometimes, additional tickets are released in the days leading up to the concert. Keep checking the official ticketing site as the concert date approaches. These tickets are usually sold at the original price and not inflated market rates.

7. Consider Less Popular Locations

Tickets for concerts in major cities tend to sell out quickly and can be more expensive. Consider attending concerts in smaller cities or on weekdays, which might offer lower prices due to less demand.

8. Use Social Media

Join fan groups and forums on platforms like Facebook, Reddit, and Twitter. Fans often share information about ticket releases and sometimes even sell tickets at face value if they can no longer attend.

9. Avoid Peak Buying Times

Try to avoid buying tickets right when they go on sale if you’re aiming for the secondary market. Prices on these sites can be highest shortly after tickets sell out. Waiting a bit can sometimes mean better deals.

10. Be Persistent

Finally, persistence pays off. Keep checking back on various sites, stay active in fan communities, and don’t give up. New opportunities to buy tickets can pop up unexpectedly.

Nothing to loose – everything to gain

With these strategies, you’ll increase your chances of getting to see Taylor Swift live without breaking the bank!

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