Youtuber Claimed to Have Hacked a Hardware Crypto Wallet. How Did He Do It?

If you can't recover a lost hardware crypto wallet password this man maybe to help?

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dT9y KQbqi4

Hacking a hardware crypto wallet can be a difficult task. Not only do you have to have the skills and knowledge of how to breach the security of the wallet, but you also have to have the right tools and access to the physical device itself.

Yet this YouTuber, Joe Grand, claimed to have to have done what many say is impossible now. This video was published January of last year so he must be getting tons of requests to recover lost wallet passwords.

Joe Grand claims to have hacked a hardware based crypto wallet

The wallets are designed to be very secure, with multiple layers of encryption and authentication, meaning that even if one layer is breached, the other layers still remain secure.

Additionally, hardware wallets are often designed with physical tamper detection features, meaning that if any physical tampering is detected, the wallet will be rendered unusable. All of this means that even the most skilled hacker may find it difficult to breach the security of a hardware cryptocurrency wallet.

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