These Are the Most Expensive Dating Apps on the Market Today

Even with inflation at worldwide highs - people will still justify paying these high subscription costs for dating apps.

Most expensive dating apps
Most expensive dating apps

Online dating has taken over the most common ways people find each other for relationships. So when ever there is a demand, the markets will respond – of course.

Here’s a listicle on the top 5 most expensive dating apps, arranged from the most to the least expensive based on their subscription costs:

1. The League

Monthly Subscription Cost: $999
Features: Aimed at young, successful professionals, The League is the epitome of exclusivity in dating apps. It requires a minimum commitment of three months and prioritizes privacy and quality matches over quantity.

2. Luxy

Monthly Subscription Cost: $99.99
Features: Luxy caters to the wealthy, providing a high-end dating experience. Users can choose a monthly subscription or opt for a three-month plan at $239.99. The app emphasizes status and affluence in its user base.

3. MillionaireMatch

Monthly Subscription Cost: $70
Features: As the name suggests, MillionaireMatch targets millionaires and elite singles. It offers monthly and three-month subscription plans, focusing on connecting affluent individuals looking for meaningful relationships.

4. eHarmony

Monthly Subscription Cost: $59.95
Features: Known for its unique matching algorithm, eHarmony is designed for individuals seeking long-term relationships. It offers various subscription plans, with the monthly rate decreasing significantly when opting for an annual subscription.

5. EliteSingles

Monthly Subscription Cost: $57.95
Features: Targeting educated professionals, EliteSingles offers a platform for those looking for serious dating. The monthly cost drops to $31.95 when subscribing for a year, making it a viable option for committed users.

In conclusion – everybody wants love

These apps often provide a free version, but the premium memberships grant access to enhanced features like increased matches and improved visibility, catering to those who are serious about finding quality connections.

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